Natural Fibre Rugs


Eco-Friendly Natural Fibre Rugs

An increasing interest in sustainable and eco-friendly materials has catapulted natural rugs to fashionable status. Natural woven rugs come in a wide range of colours so your interior pallets needn't be confined to beige's, browns, creams and greys.

Natural rugs for UK homes include cotton rugs, sisal rugs, natural sheepskin rugs and other animal hides, jute, and wool rugs. Each of these different natural fibre rugs have their own pros and cons when placed in UK homes. Sisal rugs, for example, are often restricted to natural colours – beige, browns and greys – yet they are hardwearing and the more they are used, the softer they become. Natural coloured rugs are easy to blend with other décor features and can provide the perfect foundation for other design choices.

Natural weave rugs tend to be low-pile choices, including braided rugs, flat weave natural outdoor rugs and handwoven cotton/jute mix rugs that are great for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Natural material rugs are excellent choices for high-traffic areas as they tend to be hard wearing and easy to keep clean with regular vacuuming. Large natural fibre area rugs are great for kitchens, dining areas and outdoor entertainment areas of the home.