Solid Rugs


Solid Color Rugs

Walk into every room of your home with joy. A solid rug will blend seamlessly into your home's décor. Sometimes loud patterns and abstract designs pull the attention in the room away from what you want the focus to be. With a solid rug, you can bring color or warmth into your home without pulling the attention away from what really matters in your space. has an extensive selection of solid color rugs, solid area rugs, solid colored runners, solid shag rugs and solid natural rugs that can bring style to any home. We provide free shipping and free returns on all our products, so if you purchase a solid rug that doesn't work in your home, return it to us free of charge!

A solid colored rug does not mean boring! Often a rich color with a heavy texture is enough to bring balance to an otherwise stark room. Browse the solid rugs we have included in our blowout rug sale today and save up to 80% off on your new rug