Traditional Rugs


Traditional Rugs for UK Homes

Traditional rugs come in a wide range of styles from traditional Persian rugs to Ziegler traditional rugs that incorporate soft colours derived from natural dyes for the simple all over floral designs they are famous for. The soft style and elegance traditional rugs bring to a home or office space is undeniable.

Original traditional wool rugs are one of the more common types due to the availability of this material in earlier eras. However, these days large traditional rugs made from man-made materials such as polypropylene or acrylic can be found in UK homes. The durable quality and wide availability of these materials can make traditional rugs cheaper than their vintage counterparts made from wool, silk and other natural fibres.

The traditional rugs for sale on our site are not defined by their size, colour or the material they are made from. We have traditional rugs online that are runners, large traditional rugs for living rooms and rounds that are perfect for smaller spaces in need of an elegant touch. Traditional oriental rugs, distressed, and country style rugs make it easy to find a pattern that will suit your personal style and home décor.