Tribal Rugs


Tribal Design Rugs

Tribal rugs cover an enormous range of styles, colours and designs. Traditional Turkish rugs, Persian rugs, Indian and Oriental rugs are all classified as tribal designs, yet the variety of colours and patterns is so vast you're sure to find something that complements your home's interior. Tribal rugs add a touch of timeless style to any UK home.

Iranian tribal rugs and Baluch tribal rugs, from the eastern border of Iran have a distinctive style that's easily differentiated from Oriental and Indian tribal rugs. Similar to the flavours of the dishes from these parts of the world, tribal rugs follow long held traditions for both the knotting and weaving, as well as the patterns and colours that are used, making them as beautiful and distinctive as any piece of cultural art.

Tribal rugs come in as wide a range of weaves and pile depths as they do colours and patterns. Deep red tribal rug runners, beautiful azure Aarhaus rounds and classic tribal oriental area rug designs all add remarkable colours and patterns to home and office interiors that complement almost any design choices you may have already made for wall and furnishings.