Vintage Rugs


Vintage Rugs and Carpets

Faded and distressed vintage rugs are in style, lending UK halls and living rooms a fashionable splash of colour and warmth. Vintage rugs cover almost any style of a woven or knotted carpet and many eras of production. The term vintage can be applied to any rug that is 20 years old or more. Because of this, some modern rugs may be classed as vintage.

Thanks to long held traditions in rug making techniques, vintage rugs can be very similar in style to antique rugs with far more life and wear left in them. Vintage grey rugs are a great way to participate in the trend toward muted pallets for the home while including a classic touch to your style. Large vintage rugs can be used to protect bare floors or high-traffic areas of carpet in your home.

The vintage rugs for sale on our UK site include a wide range of sizes, materials and styles. Simple geometric patterned vintage rugs or brightly coloured vintage carpet runners can all be found here. Because vintage rugs aren't bound to a particular style of design or pattern, it is easy to find a beautiful indoor or outdoor rug that suits your home and personal style.